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Blue on Blue: Indigo and Cobalt in New Spain

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The color blue has always held a special place in history. The color of both water and sky, it is no wonder that its symbolism reverberates through time and space. Among the pre-Columbian Maya, blue was the color of Chaak, the rain god, and of human sacrifice. In classical Rome, blue eyes were considered demonic and blue was associated with death and the underworld. In China, blue has long represented immortality. Among the Navajo, blue is the color of South, one of the four sacred directions. Blue Lake in Taos is a lake sacred to the Taos Pueblo Indians. Blue has long been the color of the Virgin Mary’s mantle, symbolizing her virtue.  Today, blue is often used to signify spirituality and contemplation. If our mood is blue, we may “sing the blues.” We have blue jeans, blue grass music, blue collar workers, blue bloods--it is a versatile color.